To add a product to your uAccept POS account, follow these steps:

1. From the Products tab, select Product List.

NOTE: You can also add new products by clicking the Products Quick Link on the Dashboard page.

2. Click Add Product.

3. In the Name field, enter a name for the product.

4. In the Display Name field, enter the product name that customers will see on the integrated customer facing display when the product is added to the transaction.

5. In the Description field, enter a product description.

6. In the Brand field, enter the product brand, if desired.

7. In the Manufacturer field, enter the product manufacturer, if desired.

8. In the Vendor field, enter the vendor, if desired.

9. From the Age Requirement drop-down menu, select Enabled or Disabled.

This setting is primarily used for alcohol and tobacco products. Select Enabled if there is a minimum age requirement.

10. In the Minimum Age Requirement field, enter the minimum age that the customer must be in order to purchase this product.

11. In the UPC field, enter the UPC (Universal Product Code) for the product, if applicable.

12. In the SKU/PLU field, enter a SKU (stock keeping unit) or PLU (price look-up) code, if applicable.

13. In the Cost field, enter your cost for the product.

14. In the Retail Price field, enter the retail price for the product.

15. Price at Time of Sale can be enabled to allow price modifications when an item is rung up.

16. In the Current Quantity field, enter the current quantity in inventory.

When you enter a quantity, the inventory for the product will automatically be tracked.

17. In the Alert Quantity field, enter the quantity at which the alert will notify you of low inventory.

18. In the Product Image section, you can create or upload a product image to display on the POS device.

  • To create an image, select the background color and text color from the pop-up palettes. In the Display Text field, enter the text you would like displayed. For example, you could enter “CS” for chocolate shake.
  • To upload an existing image, click Browse and upload an image from your computer.

19. From the Assign to Product Group drop-down menu, select the category/subcategory to which you would like the product assigned.

20. From the Status drop-down menu, make sure Active is enabled.

21. Select modifiers to apply them to the product, as desired.

  • Sizes—Select any size modifiers that will apply to this item or select "This item has no size modifiers." If you change the default size, you will overwrite the price.
  • ComponentsAdditions you can make to an existing order. For example, a component could be adding avocado to a sandwich. Multiple components may be selected per product.
  • Add-onsSeparate existing products that can be suggested to add on to the primary product. An add-on can have a discounted price when combined with the primary product. For example, a cup of soup may be listed as $4.00 on the menu, but a customer may add on a cup of soup to a sandwich for $3.00.

22. In the Additional Fees section, select the check boxes for the Tax Rules and Special Fee Rules that apply to this product.

23. Click Save.