The following shows the main application screen that displays after you have opened the register and set the till. A ticket appears at the left of the screen.


A. Customer Loyalty icon—Search for existing members or add new members to your customer loyalty program. 

B. Receipt number—Click on the receipt number to rename the ticket.

C. Search box—Enter product name or part of a product name to search.

D. Categories—Product categories to which subcategories are assigned. Subcategories (to which products are assigned) will display when a category is selected.

E. Single Item Discount button—Press the button to display a list of all Single Item OnlySingle Item and Transaction, and Each Qualified Item discounts that can be applied to the item selected.

F. Ticket—The list of products that are in the current transaction.

G. Products—Products that you can select to add to an order.

H. Hold/Resume button—Press the icon to place an order on hold. Once the order is placed on hold, the button displays as Resume. Press the icon to resume the held order. 

I. Transaction Discount button—Press the button to display a list of all Transaction Only and Single Item and Transaction discounts that can be applied to the subtotal of discountable items in the transaction.

J. Printer button—Press the icon to print a slip ticket for the order or an itemized bill. Restaurant Receipts must be enabled to print an itemized bill. See Restaurant Receipts for more details.

K. Functions button—Press the icon to display the Functions menu.

L. Payment type buttons—Click one of the icons (Check, Card, Cash) to select a payment type for a transaction.

M. User name—Click on your user name to display the Log Out menu.

N. Text icon—Displays a list of text orders and inquiries, if text messaging is enabled. Reply by clicking on the message. You can also print the message or create an order for the customer.

O. Twitter icon—Allows you to tweet promotions and specials directly from your device.

P. Phone icon—Displays a list of phone orders.

Q. Settings icon—Press the icon to display the Settings menu.