A user policy is a set of rules that govern the permission levels of users in groups. When you add a new user web policy, you will specify the tasks that the users assigned to this policy will be able to perform within the uAccept customer portal.

To add a user web policy to your uAccept POS account, follow these steps:

1. From the System Management tab, select Users.

2. From the Users menu, select User Policies.

3. In the User Web Policies section, click Add.

4. In the Name field, enter a name for the user web policy.

5. From the Status drop-down menu, make sure Active is enabled.

In the Web Portal section, you will set the access level for the users assigned to this policy.

6. In the Log In field, select Yes if the users can log in to the web application.

7. In the Cancel Account field, select Yes if the users can submit an account cancellation request.

8. Select View Only or Add/Edit/Archive to set permission levels for the following fields:

  • General Settings
  • Product Management
  • Modifiers
  • Menu Displays
  • Tax Rules
  • Special Fees
  • Discounts
  • Device Management
  • Receipts
  • Run Reports (Yes or No)
  • Groups
  • Users
  • User Policies
  • Batch Process (Yes or No)
  • uText
  • Bitcoin
  • Loyalty

9. Click Save.