You can close out tips at any point during the day, but you will only be charged the batch fee when you select Settle All at the end.

To close out tips, follow these steps:

1. Press the Settings button, located in the lower-right corner of the screen, and select Batch Transactions.

Note: Batch Transactions will only display if the tip line is enabled on your receipt(s) in the web portal.

2. Find the transaction to which you would like to add a tip.

The transactions are sorted with the most recent one at the top, or you can search by the last four digits on the card.

3. Press the Tip button for the transaction to which you would like to add a tip and enter the tip amount.

Note: Make sure you add tips before you select the Capture or Capture All button. Once you capture a transaction, you will not be able to add or adjust tips.

4. Press the Capture button next to the transaction.

5. Repeat the three previous steps to add tips for as many transactions as you wish, then press Close.

6. At the end of the night, finish out all of the tip additions, as described above.

All remaining transactions should be ones without tips, so you can individually capture those or select Capture All.

7. Select Settle All to close the batch and send transactions to be funded. 

Note: If you have a BridgePay compatible device (if your Device ID is MB3000-BXXXXXXXX) then you will not have a Settle All button as your account will settle automatically.