If your business is a bar or a dine-in restaurant, you may wish to print a bill for your customer prior to taking a payment for the order. This means that you can print the bill with an itemized list of products ordered, which you will give to the customer. Then when the customer has given you payment, you can print two final receipts for the transaction—one for the merchant and one for the customer.

The print bill feature must be enabled in your uAccept account before you can use it on your POS device. Listed below are steps for enabling the feature in your account and for using the feature on your POS device.

Enabling Print Bill in the Web Portal

To enable the print bill feature in the uAccept web portal, follow these steps:


1. From the System Management tab, select Receipts.

A list of customized receipts for your business will appear.

2. Click the Edit link next to the receipt for which you would like to enable the restaurant receipts feature.

3. From the Print Bill drop-down menu, select Enabled.

4. Click Save.

Now that the feature has been enabled in your account, your employees can print a bill to present to their customer.

Using Restaurant Receipts on the POS Device

Once you have enabled the print bill feature in your web portal, you and your employees can utilize the feature on your POS device.

1. When you have finished adding items to a ticket or have resumed a held ticket, press the Printer icon on the device and select Print Bill.

The device will print the bill.

A BILL is an itemized list of products, including prices. A SLIP is a list of products only, with no prices or other details included. A slip could be used in a restaurant to give to the kitchen.
Slip printing is only used when restaurant receipts are enabled, using the steps above.

2. Place the order on hold while you present the bill to the customer and wait for payment. To hold a transaction, press the Hold button and press Yes.

3. Present the bill to the customer.

4. Once the customer gives you payment, return to the device to resume the order. To resume an order, press the Resume button and select the receipt to resume.

5. Finish processing the transaction, following the steps in Processing a Transaction.

When you print the final receipt, two copies of the receipt will print—one for the merchant and one for the customer.