You have the ability to tweet directly from your POS device. To set up your uAccept account for Twitter, you must enable the Twitter feature in your account and then assign your employees permission to tweet. Both sets of steps are listed below.

Enabling the Twitter Feature in your uAccept Account

1. From the System Management tab, select Account Settings.

2. Click Edit.

3. Scroll down to the Twitter section.

4. From the Status drop-down menu, select Enabled.

5. In the Twitter Status field, click Connect.

An authorization page will launch, prompting you to authorize uAccept to use your Twitter account by entering your username and password. If you do not already have a Twitter account, you can click Sign up for Twitter to create an account.

6. Enter your username and password, then click Authorize app.

When your account has been authorized, you will be notified that you are connected and to close the window.

7. Close the authorization page tab in your browser and return to your uAccept account page.

8. Click Save.

Assigning Twitter Permissions to Employees

A user policy is a set of rules that governs the permission levels of users in groups. When you add a new user policy, you will specify the tasks that the users assigned to this policy will be able to perform on the POS device.

To enable users to use the Twitter feature, follow these steps:


1. From the System Management tab, select Users.


2. From the Users menu, select User Policies.


3. In the User Policies section, click Add to add a new user policy or click the Edit link next to the user policy for which you wish to enable Twitter.

For detailed information on adding a user policy to your uAccept POS account, see Adding User Policies.

4. Scroll down to the Send Tweets section, located at the bottom of the page.

5. From the Send Tweets drop-down menu, select Yes if users assigned to this policy will be allowed to send tweets from the POS device.

6. Click Save.