With the Inventory feature, you are able to track your product inventory and set up alerts so you know when inventory is running low. First, follow the steps below to enter a quantity for the product to allow for inventory tracking, then you can set an alert using the steps in Setting Alert for Low Inventory.


To set up a product for inventory tracking, follow these steps:


1. From the Products menu, select Product List.


NOTE: If you wish to add a new product, click Add Product and follow the steps in Adding Products.


2. Click on the Quantity amount and a box appears, allowing you to enter or edit the quantity.

If you enter the quantity for a product, the item will automatically be tracked in inventory.

3. Enter the initial quantity in stock and click the check mark icon. If you wish to cancel out of this screen, click the X icon.

4. If you hover your mouse over the product name, you will see two icons appear to the right of the Price column.

 - Edit Icon—update product settings

 - Alert Icon—set up alerts to notify you when the inventory runs low

NOTE: To stop inventory tracking of an item, change the quantity of the item to 0.

If you need to add stock to your inventory, see Adding Stock.

If you need to manually update your inventory, see Recounting Inventory.