After you have purchased your uInvoice system, you will create your online account.

To create a new uInvoice account, follow these steps:

1. Open your web browser and visit:


You will be prompted to enter the Dealer ID and Device ID. The Dealer ID and Device ID can be found on the Quick Start Guide card. If either ID is missing, please contact Customer Support at or 1-800-518-8925.

2. On the IDs page, enter the Dealer ID and Device ID, then click Continue.

3. On the Terms and Conditions page, check the box confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions, then click Continue.

4. On the Account page, enter your account information, then click Continue.

5. On the Billing page, enter your billing information, then click Continue.

6. On the Options page, answer the prompts for optional services, then click Continue.

On the Review page, review all of the information you have entered and confirm that it is correct. If you wish to correct any entries, use the Back button and navigate to the appropriate page.

7. If all of the information is correct, click Create Account.


Once your account has been created, you will be able to log in to your uInvoice account.