To add a new customer to your uInvoice account, follow these steps:


1. Click the Customers tab.

2. Click Add Customer. 


3. In the Customer Name field, enter the customer's name.

4. In the Customer Code field, enter a unique customer code. The code must be 2–20 alphanumeric characters.

5. From the Status drop-down menu, select Customer or Prospect.


6. In the Site field, enter a work location to assign to invoices, work orders, and estimates.

7. In the Address fields, enter the customer's address.


8. In the Phone field, enter the customer's phone number.

9. In the Email field, enter the customer's email address.

10. In the Fax No field, enter the customer's fax number.


11. In the Customer Notes field, enter any notes you wish.


12. In the Contacts section, you can create contacts to associate with the customer. These contacts can be assigned to invoices, work orders, and estimates.

13. In the Billing Information section, enter the information needed for billing for the customer.

14. In the Terms Net field, enter the number of days from the time the invoice is sent until it is overdue.

15. From the Payment Options drop-down menu, select the method by which payments will be handled.


16. Click Save.