Employees are assigned to departments. Administrators and supervisors with editing rights can assign rights and preferences to employees individually or at the department level. Depending on the preferences the administrator or supervisor sets up, employees can perform the following functions:

  • Punching in via time clock
  • Punching in via web
  • Punching in via smartphone app
  • Punching in via touch-tone phone
  • Editing timecards
  • Punching in for breaks and lunches
  • Viewing benefit hours, entering time off requests, adding expenses, and adding tips

Punching In Via Time Clock

Employees can punch in using a uAttend time clock. Depending on the time clock they are using, they can punch in with an RFID card, a PIN, or their fingerprints.

For information on setting up time clocks, see the help sections on the time clocks
CB SeriesBN Series, or MN series.

For information on PINs, see 
Setting Up Users for PIN Punching.

For information on registering fingerprints, see 
Setting Up Users for Fingerprint Punching.

Punching In Via the Web

Employees can punch in using the URL that you set up when you created your uAttend account. When an employee logs in to uAttend, the Punch screen appears. They click the In button to punch in. If they are already punched in, then the Out button will appear.

For more information, see Setting Up Users for Web Punching and Punching In Using the Web.

Punching In Via Smartphone Application

Employees can punch in using a smartphone application. For more information, see 
Setting Up Users for Smartphone App Punching and Punching In Using the Smartphone App.

Punching In Via Touch-Tone Phone

Employees can punch in by calling with a touch-tone phone. For more information, see 
Punching In Using a Touch-Tone Phone.

Editing Employee Timecard

Depending on the preferences the administrator sets up,
employees can have editing rights for their timecard. For more information on assigning editing rights, see 
Assigning Timecard Editing Rights.

Once employees log in, they click My Timecard to access their timecard. To add a punch, click the green plus sign (+) to the right of the appropriate date. To delete a punch, click the red X to the right of the appropriate date. To change a punch time, click the Edit link to the right of the appropriate date and edit the punch time. Click Save.

Punching In for Breaks/Lunches and Job Tracking

Employees can punch in/out for breaks and lunches through the employee login screen, if given login rights. They can also punch in and out of jobs, if the Job Tracking feature is enabled for them. For more information on job tracking, see Enabling Job Tracking.

Viewing Benefit Hours, Entering Time Off Requests, Adding Expenses, Adding Tips

The Employee Services tab may be available on the employee login page. The Employee Services features allow employees to view benefit hours, enter time off requests, add expenses, and add tips. These features are only available if the employee is using one of the Platinum Series C time clocks (BN6500, BN6000, CB6500, CB6000) or punches in through the uAttend website, and if the employee's department is enabled for one of the Employee Services features.For more information on time off requests, see Time Off Requests. For more information on expenses, see Adding Expenses. For more information on tips, see Adding Tips.