Administrators can set PINs for employees to use when they punch in/out using a time clock or the touch-tone phone service. If you are using a time clock with a fingerprint scanner, please note that there is a segment of the population with fingerprints that will not record. These users can still use the time clocks to punch in and out by using a PIN. If you are using a time clock with an RFID card scanner, you can choose to have employees punch in using a PIN instead. PINs are required for employees who punch in/out using the touch-tone phone service.

To set a PIN for a user, follow these steps:

1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2. Select the user's name from the list.

3. Click the Punch Management link.

4. Click the Edit link to activate the PIN Number field.

5. Enter a unique PIN for the user, then click Save.