To link the CB6000 to your uAttend account, follow these steps from your uAttend account: 

1.  Attach an Ethernet cable between the CB6000 and your router, then plug the CB6000 into a power outlet.

The CB6000 should be turned on, with the display illuminated.


2.  Log in to your uAttend account, if you are not already logged in. 

3.  Click the Settings tab on the main menu.

4.  Click the Punch Management link.

5.  Click Add Time Clock.

6.  In the Device ID field, enter the Device ID assigned to the CB6000.

You can find the Device ID on a sticker on the back of the CB6000. If you cannot locate this sticker, you can also find the Device ID in the CB6000. To do this, press the MENU key and enter the password (default password is 53178). Scroll to Device Management and press OK, then scroll to Device ID and press OK.

Enter the Device ID exactly as it appears, including dashes.

7.  In the Name/Location field, enter the name for the CB6000. Assign the CB6000 a name that is easy for you to remember. 

8.  Click Add.


    The CB6000 will now be linked to your uAttend account.