To link the CB2000 to your uAttend account, follow these steps from your uAttend account:

1. Log in to your uAttend account, if you are not already logged in.

2. Click the Settings tab on the main menu.

3. Click the Punch Management link.

4. Click Add Time Clock.

5. In the Device ID field, enter the Device ID assigned to the CB2000.

You can find the Device ID on a sticker on the back of the CB2000. Enter the Device ID exactly as it appears, including dashes.

6. In the Name/Location field, enter the name for the CB2000. Assign the CB2000 a name that is easy for you to remember.

7. Click Add.


Next, follow these steps on your CB2000:

1. Plug the CB2000 into a power outlet and turn on the CB2000.

The CB2000 will initialize.

2. Press the menu (M/Enter) key.

3. Scroll to Delete WIFI Settings and press OK.

4. Scroll to WIFI Settings and press OK.

A list of all WIFI networks that the CB2000 detects will appear.

5. Scroll to your preferred network and press OK.

6. If your WIFI network requires a password, the CB2000 will prompt you to input the password.

NOTE: If you need help figuring out the key combinations required to enter your WIFI password, please try this tool:

7. Enter the password and press OK.

The CB2000 will attempt to connect to the network. If a connection is made, the "Network Ready" screen appears and the red light in the lower-right corner of the screen changes from red to green. If the CB2000 is unable to connect, unplug the CB2000 and repeat the previous steps.

The CB2000 will now be linked to your uAttend account.