In uAttend, you can set up jobs (projects) for your employees. Administrators enter jobs in the account and enable users to use the job tracking feature.

NOTE: The job tracking feature is only available for users in your account who use one of the Platinum Series C time clocks (BN6500, BN6000, CB6500, CB6000) and for users who punch in through the uAttend website.

To enable the job tracking feature, follow these steps:

1. Click the Settings tab.

2. Click the Job Tracking link.

3. Click Enable to enable the job tracking feature.


4. Click Edit to change the job settings.

You can change the following settings through the Jobs dialog box.

  • Entry TypeSelect List to allow employees to choose a job from a list. Select Manual Entry to allow employees to enter a job number manually each time they punch in.
  • Job DetailThis is only an option if List is selected for Entry Type. Select Enabled if you would like to utilize the job detail feature. A job detail is a component of a job (e.g., if a construction company is remodeling a hospital, drywall repair in the east wing may be a job detail).
  • First job punch is punch inSelect Enabled if you would like employees to automatically be punched in for work when they enter the first job punch for the day.
  • Lunch/break start/end jobsSelect Enabled if you would like employees to still be punched in to the same job once they have started and ended lunch or break punches.

5. Click Save And Close when you are finished.

NOTE: You must also enable job tracking at the employee level. Click the Users tab, select the user, and make sure the Job Tracking setting is set to ON.