We are pleased to announce a new feature available in the uAccept Point of Sale System. This feature is available in your system as of February 6, 2015:

Enhanced Screen Displays

You now have the option to modify product prices when adding products to your scheduled Screen Display, without affecting the product price in its normal category. This a fantastic feature to use when creating your "Happy Hour" or "Lunch Special" menu. If you are tracking inventory for a product that has been added to your Screen Display, regardless of the price on the Screen Display, all inventory adjustments are applied to the same product.

Update Your Software for Free

Easily get these free updates by selecting the Settings menu and then Device Settings. Select General and then "Check Now" you will be prompted to update. The update should take less than a minute. For an extra measure of safety, you may want to do any batching that you need to do before the update.

We truly appreciate the support and dedication of our uAccept client family. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting features and enhancements over the coming months.