Each Qualified Item discounts support the existing discount functionality prior to Version 3.3.06. When a dollar value Each Qualified Item discount is created and applied on the device, the discount is automatically applied to each individual item that qualifies in the transaction.

To apply an Each Qualified Item discount, follow these steps:

1. In the ticket, press a qualified item that the Each Qualified Item discount can be applied to and select Discount from the line item.

The Discounts window will appear and all Single Item OnlySingle Item and Transaction, and Each Qualified Item discounts that can be applied to the item selected will display in the Saved tab. If no discounts display, the item selected does not meet the qualifications of any saved discounts created in your account.


2. From the Saved tab, select the Each Qualified Item discount you wish to apply. You can also search for a discount using the Search box.



3. Press Enter


The discount is applied to each individual item.

To remove a discount, follow these steps: 


1. Press the discount you would like to remove. 


2. Press the Remove button next to the discount.