In order to add a route, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Routes tab.
  2. Select a route.
  3. Select Edit

  4. Select Manage Checkpoints.
  5. Select a checkpoint from the list of checkpoints.
  6. Select the Plus icon to add the checkpoint or checkpoints to your route. 

  7. If you did not select to have a loose schedule, you must select a time and date in which the checkpoint must be visited. Repeat this for all checkpoints within the route.

  8. You can select to adjust a tolerance level for the visit of each check point. This gives the guard additional time to visit the checkpoint before an alert is sent out. 

  9. Once you have added your checkpoints to your route, you can select a checkpoint and adjust the order of the checkpoints by the up and down arrows. 

  10. Once you have your route order set up, select Confirm.

  11. Then select Confirm on the edit scheduled route popup. 

  12. Your route is now set up.