We are excited to announce new features available in the uAccept Point of Sale System. These features are available in your system as of July 30, 2015.

Note: As an extra safety measure, we recommend you batch out any credit card transactions before the update. For assistance on Batching, click here.


Reduced BridgePay Pricing

We have reduced the monthly BridgePay gateway fee for those of you who process credit cards on your POS using the BridgePay gateway and we’ve eliminated gateway transaction fees to help save you money! Instead of paying a monthly gateway fee of $9.95/month and 10¢ per gateway transaction, you will now pay an affordable flat monthly gateway fee of $5.99. That’s a savings of over 40% per month!


Ticket Display

Viewing products you add to your tickets is important, which is why we’ve enhanced the ticket display on your device. Your ticket automatically scrolls down to display the most recent product added when multiple products are added in a single transaction.

Credit Card Receipts

The signature line on credit card receipts no longer prints on both receipt copies.

Product Display Name

The name you enter in the Display Name field when adding/editing products in your cloud portal now appears as the product name customers see on the integrated customer facing display when added to the transaction. The Display Name also appears as the name of the product on the POS, on receipts, on reports, and the slip ticket.

For more on entering a name in the Display Name field, click here.

Renaming Your Tickets

Now when renaming a ticket, the entire name will highlight when selected so you can simply start typing the new ticket name. No backspacing needed!

Refund Receipts

Two receipts now print, one for your customer and one for your records, when a refund is processed on your device.