We are excited to announce new features available in the uAccept Point of Sale System. These features are available in your system as of September 23, 2015.

IMPORTANT: As an extra safety measure, we recommend you batch out any credit card transactions before the update. For assistance on Batching, click here.

We also highly recommend you close your till before updating to prevent report discrepancies. For assistance on Closing the Till, click here.

If your MB1250 or MB2000 POS is connected to the internet via WiFi, we highly recommend you turn off WiFi on your POS and connect your POS to the internet via Ethernet prior to updating your POS to software Version 3.3.06.


Discount Enhancements

We have improved the way discounts are applied to items and transactions on your POS. You now have the ability to apply discounts to single items in a transaction, the total sale of all qualified items in a transaction, both single items and the total sale of all qualified items in a transaction, or individually to each qualified item in a transaction. You can also apply a discount to all qualified items in a ticket directly on the POS for discounts that are not saved as an Each Qualified Item type.

To support the way discounts previously worked, any saved discounts in your account are now saved as an Each Qualified Item discount type. To change the discount type, simply edit your existing discounts.

For more information on creating discounts, click here. To learn about applying discounts on your POS, click here.


Selecting Items in a Ticket

We have updated the options you see when you select an item in your ticket. By tapping an item in your ticket, you’ll now have the option to edit the item, apply a discount to the item, or remove the item from the ticket.

Discount User Permissions

Keep control over discount access on your POS. With discount user policies, you determine whether users can apply discounts and limit the discount amount that a user can apply to a ticket.

For more on user policies, click here.

Reprinting Customer Receipts

You now have the ability to reprint or email customer receipts for their past transactions any time. To learn more on reprinting receipts for past transactions, click here.

Increasing Item Quantity

This update includes a fix to editing item quantities in the ticket. Previously, editing the quantity of an item in the ticket would create an additional line item for the new edited quantity instead of updating the original line item. This issue is now resolved.