To get your account set up the fist steps you should take are in the following order:

  1. Create your Branch Offices. These can be various locations in different cities, states, or countries.
  2. Create your Administrators. Notifications will be sent to your Administrators. This tool also gives the visibility of other Administrator contact information so they can be reached for any emergencies. 
  3. Create your Guards. Edit your guard's names so you will know which guard is where. You will also create their PIN number, which is used so they can log into the App.
  4. Create your Incidents. These are incidents you want your guard to report on for your own record keeping and your clients record keeping.
  5. Create your Clients. If for example you have a client such as a mall they would be considered a Client
  6. Create your Client Site. If for example your client was a mall, your Client Site would be a store in the mall.
  7. Create your Checkpoint. If for example your client was a mall, your Client Site was a store in the mall. Your checkpoints would be a front door, backdoor, etc. These are the areas your guard will be checking in at with the assigned QR codes and scanning them with the uPatrol App.  You will assign your checkpoint to a Client and a Client Site.
  8. Create your Route. If for example you had one client such as a mall or many malls all the checkpoints you want checked by one guard would be a route. In a route you can have multiple checkpoints, set the route to reoccurring, choose your start and end times as well as your start and end dates.
  9. Once this is all set up your Guard can start his patrol. As an Administrator you can go to the home screen and view all activities performed by your guard and you can see where they are located at all times in the map interface. When the route is complete you can view all activities in the reports section of the cloud based portal.