Configure your PaperCloud portal settings to match your business' timekeeping rules. 

Log in to your account. Click Settings from the main navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

To change any setting, select a new option from a drop-down menu and click the green Save check mark button. 

In This Article:

Configuring General Time Card Settings

Setting up Holidays

Time Card Data Export Settings

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Configuring General Time Card Settings

Time Format: 

Select the Hour and Minute format you want to display on your time cards.

Select the decimal place to which you want the software to round benefit time accrual.

Pay Period:

Select Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly and additional parameters, if applicable.

Time Entry:

This setting controls the type of punch you will record on your time cards. 

Select Every Punch if your business records each time your employees punch in our out during their workday.

Select Daily Hours if your business records the number of hour your employees work each day.

Setting up Holidays

To begin setting up holidays in your system, click Holidays from the Settings sub-navigation menu bar. 

1. Click Add Holiday.

2. Enter a Holiday Name.

3. Select the date.

4. Enter the number of hours to automatically add to your employee time cards on this holiday, if it will be a non-working holiday. 

NOTE: Enter Paid Hours as a four-digit value, for example: 0800.

5. Select a pay code category under which the paid time will be aggregated on the time card. Select HOL for Holiday, or choose another pay code. 

6. To apply this holiday to all employees in your system, select Yes under the Apply to All drop-down.

7. To create a working holiday, select Yes under Working.

8. Click Save

Time Card Data Export Settings

PaperCloud allows you to export your time card data so that it is usable outside your system and with other software. 

Click Export from the Settings sub-navigation menu bar to select the time card data export file you wish to produce.

1. Select the export type for your time card reports and click Save

2. Fill in the required fields and click Save for each.

Now, when you export your reports in the Reports area of the PaperCloud portal, the exported file will contain the fields and format you selected here on the Export screen. 

New User Setup: Next Steps

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Step 3 - Users