The latest improvements to are available October 06, 2016.

Transaction Report Enhancements

We've improved our transaction reporting to give you greater visibility into your business operations.

Transaction Report Export: Entry Method

In an export of the Transactions List containing a credit card transaction, the Entry Method column of the export file will display "Swiped" or "Manual" for that transaction.


Refunded transaction information now appears on the Transactions Summary reports. 

In the Journal and Transaction List reports, a refunded transaction will identify the original transaction number against which it was performed.

Search by refund transaction number on the Transactions List page in the Transaction Search pane using the Transaction Number field.

Read more about Refunds in our Knowledge Base

Inventory List

Under the Products tab in the main navigation menu, the page option formerly labeled "Products" has been updated to "Inventory." This is a cosmetic update only, with no changes to page functionality.