View Clients


  • The client list lives under the dashboard (the first icon on the side navigation bar)

  • The first page you will see when you log into your master account is the dashboard

  • The dashboard contains the client list which contains all the clients under your master account and its details:

    • Client name
    • Client ID
    • Number of employees
    • Number of departments
    • Number of timeclocks
    • Login as

  • You can also search for clients using the search bar or filter your clients by status.

Edit Clients


  • Click the expand icon to view more details

  • 0VC73TtacLZge1qn3z7Nh-rNFXcL3uFpOA.png

    • To edit client information, click edit


    • Edit icons will appear next to fields that are editable, simply click into the field and edit
    • Once you are done making the edits you want, click save, or click cancel to remove the changes