Departments are used to group users together in the client account. You can set up departments within your account and assign users to each department. There is no limit to the number of departments you can create. When you create a department, you can customize department settings and edit those settings later.

Adding Departments

To add a department, click Departments from the side navigation and click Add located on the top left:

  1. In the department nameĀ field, enter the name of the department.

  2. In the department code field, enter the code for the department. This is a 20-character field. The code can be used as a reference to the department and will appear on time cards.

    You can configure other department settings such as time card approvals and overtime in the next steps or you can choose to edit these settings later. Department settings are further explained here.

  3. Click Save to create the department or click the next button to configure other department settings.