After you set up departments, you will add users to your uAttend Staffing client account and assign them to the departments. You can also customize each user's profile by using the settings found on the Users page. There are three types of users: administrators, supervisors, and employees.

EmployeesEmployees are assigned to departments. The functions that employees can perform are limited to punching in and out and viewing/editing their time card, depending on the rights that the administrator has set up for them. 

Adding Employees

To add an employee, follow these steps:

1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2. Click the add button located on the top left corner of the page .

3. Select employee user in the role page and click next located on the bottom right corner

4. In the First Name field, enter the user's first name.

5. In the Last Name field, enter the user's last name.

6. To assign the user to a department, select the user's home department from the department drop-down menu.

7. Select a timezone for the user in the timezone field.

    You can configure other settings for the user at a later time.

8. Click save to create the employee.