After you set up departments, you will add users to your uAttend Staffing client account and assign them to the departments. You can also customize each user's profile by using the settings found on the Users page. There are three types of users: administrators, supervisors, and employees.

Supervisors—Supervisors are assigned departments for which they are responsible. Supervisors can perform many of the same functions that administrators can, with the exception of the features found under the Settings tab.

Adding Supervisors
To add a supervisor, follow these steps:

1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2. Click the Add button located on the top left corner of the page .

3. Select supervisor in the role page and click next located on the bottom right corner

4. In the first name field, enter the supervisor's first name.

5. In the last name field, enter the supervisor's last name.

6. In the email field, enter the supervisor's email address.

7. In the phone field, enter the supervisor's phone number.

8. In the timezone field, select the timezone you wish to associate with the supervisor.

9. In the department assignment section, select one or more department you want the supervisor to manage.

10. Click next (system access) button, located on the top right corner.

11. Enter the username and password. The supervisor will use this credential to login to the client account.

12. Give view only or view/edit rights to the supervisor at the department, time card, and employee level by selecting the options from the dropdown (username and password required to configure these settings).

13. Click Save button to create the supervisor.