Departments are used to group users together in the client account. You can set up departments within your account and assign users to each department. There is no limit to the number of departments you can create. When you create a department, you can customize department settings and edit those settings later.


Department overview is the first step in the add department flow. It includes general department information, time card preferences, and time card approvals.

  1. In the department nameĀ field, enter the name of the department.

  2. In the department code field, enter the code for the department. This is a 20-character field. The code can be used as a reference to the department and will appear on time cards.

  3. In the the punch roundingĀ field, select the minute and break point options you want. For more information on what these options mean, go to Department Settings.

  4. In the day change field, select the time you want the new workday to start.

  5. In the work through day change field, configure it to be disabled or enabled.

  6. In the time card approvalĀ section, toggle the roles to require them to approve time cards.

  7. Click next located at the top right corner to go to the Break Management step or click save (to create department or to save your edits).

    If you are creating a department, department name and code is required.