Before employees can begin punching on the time clock, the following must be configured:

Time Clock

  • Client account created in your master console
  • Time clock associated with client account


  • Employees added to client account
  • Employees must be setup to punch using RFID, PIN, or Fingerprint

For assistance with setting up employees to punch using PIN or RFID, see our online help here

For setting up employees for punching using Fingerprints, see Register Fingerprints.

To begin punching, follow these steps:

1. Authenticate on the time clock by pressing your fingerprint on the sensor, scanning your RFID card in front of the time clock, or pressing the touch screen to enter your PIN

2. Once you've authenticated, the following will display:

  • Punch Options
    • Quick Punching (default) – this presents employees with punch options based on their current status making it easy to ensure employees select the right punch type every time they authenticate on the time clock.
    • All – this allows employees to select the appropriate punch option in the event one or more clocks are offline and multiple clocks are used to punch. 
  • Employee Picture
  • Last Punch
    • Reflects employee's last punch
  • View Time Card
    • Only available if employee has permissions to view time card
  • Sign Out

3. Select a punch option from Quick Punches or All Punches

After the you've selected an option, the time clock will display a punch success screen and automatically log you out.