Departments are used to group users together in the client account. You can set up departments within your account and assign users to each department. There is no limit to the number of departments you can create. When you create a department, you can customize department settings and edit those settings later.

Break Rules

Department break rules is the second step in the add department flow. It includes break requirements, duration, and lockout information.

  1. Select an option for whether employees are required to punch for break.

  2. If yes, employees are required to punch for break, then in the paid break length field, enter the duration for the paid break.

  3. If yes, employees are required to punch for break, after entering the duration, select an option for lockout.

    When lockout is enabled, the employee must take the specified duration of the break. If the employee takes a break that is more than the specified duration, the employee will only be paid for the paid duration and the rest will be deducted from the employee's time card.

  4. If no, employees are not required to break, then no further actions are needed.

  5. Click save to save your changes or create the department (if configuring for the first time). Click next for lunch rules.