Employees can view their time card directly from the time clock, giving them easy access at any time. The employee must have the permission to view time card. Follow these steps to view your time card:

  1. Login on your time clock by authenticating via pin, RFID, or fingerprint.

  2. Tap the Dashboard option located at the bottom of the screen.
    • The dashboard option can also be accessed after you punch. The option will be located at the bottom of the screen next to the sign out option.

  3. Your time card will be displayed with the option to toggle between Last Pay Period and Current Pay Period.
    • By default, current pay period will display.
    • If the account is new, there will be no last pay period option.

  4. The time card will show the following data:
    • Date
    • Day
    • Daily summary of hours worked by pay code for the pay period selected:
      • REG
      • OT1
      • OT2
      • VAC
      • HOL
      • SIC
      • OTH
    • Daily Total Hours Worked
    • Total Hours Worked for Pay Period
    • Time Card Approval Summary
      • Time Card Approval section is just a summary. The functionality to approve time cards from the time clock is currently not available.