The Missed Punch Widget provides admins and supervisors with information on employees' missed punches for the current pay period. Admins and supervisors can also easily view details such as date, punch times, and the department. To use the missed punch widget, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your client account, and the Dashboard should display. The dashboard can also be located from the side navigation bar.

  2. Admins will have full access to view and edit all employees' missed punches. Supervisors with time card view only permissions will only be able to view missed punches for employees they manage. Supervisors with view and edit permission will be able to view and edit missed punches for employees they manage.

  3. The Missed Punch Widget displays missed punches for the current pay period.

  4. The following data is available for the missed punch widget widget:

    • Employee Name
    • Department Name
    • Punch Type
    • In/Out Time

  5. To edit a missed punch, simply click on the row. This will allow the user to input an out time. Click to save or cancel.

  6. If an employee has multiple missed punches for one day, the missed punch widget will display a notification that the user has multiple missed punches. Click the row to see the details.
    • If the employee has missed punches from different days, those punches are displayed on separate rows

  7. After editing a punch and clicking save, the success notification will appear and the punch will disappear from the missed punch widget.

  8. If an admin or supervisor edits a missed punch that belongs to an approved time card, the edit will unapprove the time card.


  1. You can filter your widget by departments. To filter your widget, click on the filter icon located at the top right corner of your widget.

  2. Once clicked, a list of all departments will display.

  3. Click on any of the departments you wish to view information for. The data will automatically change based on your selection.

  4. By default, all departments are selected.


  1. You can search your widget by employees or departments. To search, click on the search icon located at the top right corner of your widget.

  2. One clicked, a search bar will display. Type in the name of the employee you want to search.

  3. Closing the search bar, will clear the searched data.