Date Time Currency policy allows you to define the formatting of time and currency values displayed throughout the portal, on time cards and in reports.

To select formatting for your Citadel account, follow these steps: 

1. Click Policies located under Organization in the main menu.

2. Click Date Time Currency tab. 

3. Click the Date Time Currency policy title to edit the settings.

4. Adjust the following settings: 

Policy Name- The name you assign to the policy

Status - Specify whether the policy should be active or archived.  

Date Format- Select the format that the date will be displayed in 

Currency Type- Select the currency that people's pay will be displayed in

Time Format- Select whether daily time is shown in 12 hour or 24 hour format

Minute Format- Select whether time is shown in standard, hundredths, or tenths of an hour format

5. Click Save.