You can now view all the time clocks associated to your client accounts in your master console. You can easily view time clock information such as name, network status, and version number. To view Time Clocks follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your master console and click the Time Clocks tab on the main menu.

  2. A list of all your client accounts (active and archived) will display.

  3. Each client row will display all the time clocks associated to that client.

  4. If a client account does not have any time clocks, the row will be empty.

  5. The following data is available for each time clocks:
    • Time Clock Name
      • Network Status:
        • A time clock icon with a blue screen indicates an online clock
        • A time clock icon with a gray screen with the text “offline” indicates an offline clock
    • Version Number:
      • The version number of a time clock will be listed right below the time clock name. If an update is available for a time clock, a blue update indicator will display right next to the version number

  6. Utilities:
    1. Search: You can search time clocks by time clock name
    2. Background Image: You can apply custom background images
    3. Filter: You can filter time clocks by client
    4. Add Time Clock: You can add new time clocks