In Citadel, you can set up your pay periods as you wish. You can select when a pay period starts and how long it will last. To create a pay period, follow these steps:

1. Click Policies under Organization in the main menu.

2. Click the Pay Period tab.

3. Click on an existing Pay Period policy tile to edit.

4.  Edit the Pay Period Type setting to adjust the length of time that your pay periods will be. The options are:

  • Weekly—Pay periods are one week long.
  • Bi-Weekly—Pay periods are two weeks long.
  • Semi-Monthly—There are two pay periods per month.
  • Monthly—There is one pay period per month.

5.  Edit the Workweek Begins On setting to adjust the workweek start date.

6. If you choose either the Monthly or Semi-Monthly option, Pay Period Start appears on the screen, allowing you to set the day(s) of the month that each pay period will begin.

7. Effective Date setting allows you to select when you want your new pay period duration to go into effect. 

    Note: The current pay period must finish before a new pay period length begins

8. When you are finished with each setting, click Save.