If an employee has a username and password, and access to website punches, they will have able to log in to the employee dashboard from the client portal.

There are three widgets available within the employee dashboard: The punch widget, the total hours widget, and the event feed.

Within the punch widget, the employee can perform the same actions that they can on the time clock. They can perform in/out punches, start and end breaks and lunches, and transfer departments (if allowed). The employee can type in notes relevant to their punches as well.

Below the punch widget is the total hours widget, where the employee gets a snapshot of their total hours worked for the current pay period. If they employee has permissions to view or edit their time card, they will be able to click the "time card" button within the total hours widget seen below. If the employee does not have access to view or edit their time card, they will not see a "time card" button.

Lastly, the employee will have access the event feed widget. In the event feed widget, the employee can view punches for each day within the current pay period.