Time Cards are  To view and/or edit a time card, follow these steps:

1. Click Time Cards from the main menu.

2. Select an employee from the list. 


The employee's timecard for the current pay period will display.

3. Clicking on the Pay Period field at the top of the screen opens a calendar and list of pay periods to choose from. Selecting a pay period and clicking Apply will display the time card for the selected pay period.

4.To add a punch, click the add punch button (+) to the right of the appropriate date. Fill in the time the employee punched in and if they have, the time they punched out. Click the checkmark button to submit the punch or X button to cancel. 

5. To edit a punch, hover over the Punch In or Punch Out time and click on the edit button. Click on the Punch Type, Punch In, Punch Out, Department, or Notes field to edit. Click on the check mark button to submit the punch or the trashcan button to delete the punch.