The Punch Report allows you to easily view when and how your employees have punched, and includes details specific to employee punches such as punch date, time, method, and more. Use the date range picker to view the report by a specific date range.

To run the punch report, follow these steps:

1. Click the Reports tab on the main menu.

2. Click Punch Report.

3. By default, the report will show all active employees that have punched for the current pay period.

4. The following data is available: 

  • Employee Name
  • Department Name
  • Punch Type
  • Punch Time and Date
  • Punch Method
  • Total Punch Duration

5. Use the search bar located on the top left corner to filter the Punch Report further. Enter employee names to filter the report in real time.

6. Click the date picker to filter punches by pay period or a range of time and click apply to load the report.  

7. Click the View button to filter your report by Departments, Punch Method, and Punch Type.

8. You can also export your report in CSV by clicking the Export button located next to the View button.

9. Sort the Payroll Report by clicking Employee, Department, Punch Type, In, In Punch Method, Out, Out Punch Method, or Total at the top of each column.