When an admin enters the admin menu, they will see a message stating that the time clock is currently offline and that time clock management options will be limited.

If the admin enters time clock management, they will be able to access network settings, so that they can get the clock connected to the internet again.

The admin will still be able to access User Management, and can still register fingerprints and add, edit, or delete photos for existing users. The admin will be alerted in the User Management menu that any changes that have occurred in the cloud, or time clock, while the time clock has been offline will not yet be synced. When the clock reestablishes connection to the cloud, all fingerprints, photos, or updates from the cloud will sync.

Once the time clock reestablishes connection to the cloud, the clock will bulk upload all data that was stored in offline mode (punches, fingerprint registration, photos, etc.). The bulk upload occurs in the background and does not stop the user from performing punches. An icon will appear when a bulk upload is occurring, as seen below: