Including a Holiday Policy on your account will allow you to create and assign custom and common US holidays for your employees. 

When you create a new Holiday Policy you can optionally give your employees a paid holiday without working, pay them a special rate for working on that day, or both. The pay rate modifier, such as time-and-a-half, is completely customizable. More, it gives you the option to override all other active pay rate modifiers, such as your standard overtime policy, whenever it’s added to a time card.

To begin creating your Holiday Policy, please follow these instructions:

1. Click Policies under the Organization tab.

2. Click the plus sign on Holiday.

3. This page will provide you with an overview of all of your current Holiday rules. To add a new Holiday Rule, click Create Holiday on the top right-hand side. 

4. Choose between a Custom Holiday or a select from a list of Common US Holidays (set to repeat as default).

5. If Custom is selected, provide a name and date for the holiday. Here you will also be provided with an option to set the Holiday to Repeat. If a holiday from the Common US Holiday list is selected, the name and date will be provided for you. You have the options to modify the repeated day.

6. Finally, provide a number of hours and information for the following settings:

  • Paid Holiday Time: Time entered here will be added to employee time cards.
  • Paid Holiday Pay Code: Paid Holiday Time will be labeled with this code on the time cards and reports.
  • Working Holiday Pay Code: Hours worked on this Holiday will be labeled with this code on time cards and reports.
  • Working Pay Rate Modifier: Rate at which employees will be paid for working on this Holiday.
  • Holiday Override: The Working Pay Rate Modifier for this Holiday will override all other pay rate modifiers, such as the current overtime policy.

7. After completing the required information, select Create and Close to add a single holiday and leave the holiday creator or select Create and Add Another to continue adding holidays. 

Edit or Delete a Holiday Policy:

  1. From the Holiday Details landing page select the menu option () for the holiday you would like to edit or delete.
  2. Click on the Edit option from the drop-down menu to open the Holiday Policy and to save any changes click on Update on the bottom right.
  3. Click on the Delete option from the drop-down menu, then click on Confirm button to remove the holiday.