The Status widget on the Administrator or Supervisors dashboard will give you a real-time view of who has recently punched in or out of the system or if they are currently on Break or Lunch, if required to punch for Break or Lunch.

The employees "status" is based off of the last punch that they performed. If their last punch was missed, then you will find them in the "Missing" tab. You can filter out punch status' as well. If you'd like to view only employees that are currently punched in, click the “In" tab. For a view of employees who are currently punched out, click the "Out" tab. To view employees currently on Break, click the "Break" tab. To view employees currently on Lunch, click the "Lunch" tab. And to view employees who missed their last punch, click the "Missing" tab. To return to view all employees, click the "All" tab.

To enable the Status widget, the Administrator will follow these steps:

    1. Click the Settings tab.

    2. Select General.

    3. From the Dashboard section, make sure Display Dashboard Home Page is selected.

    4. Select the Status checkbox.

    5. Click Save.