The Punch Status widget on the Administrator or Supervisors dashboard will give you a real-time view of who has recently punched IN or OUT, or if they are currently on Break or Lunch. 

Note: Break or Lunch only display if employee requires to punch for Break or Lunch.

The employees "status" is based off of the last punch that they performed. 

You can filter out punch status' as well:

  • If you'd like to view only employees that are currently punched in, click the In circle. 
  • For a view of employees who are currently punched out, click the Out circle. 
  • To view employees currently on Break, click the Break circle. 
  • To view employees currently on Lunch, click the Lunch circle. 
  • And to view employees who missed their last punch, click the Missing circle. 

To return to view all employees, click the circle that is currently selected.